Apple Co-Founder Slams Tesla: AI Gone Wrong Could Kill

• Steve Wozniak, technology entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple, has criticized Elon Musk for failing to deliver on his promise of self-driving cars.
• Wozniak said that Musk promised a self-driving car by 2016, which he upgraded with $50,000 but the car didn’t perform as promised.
• Wozniak believes Tesla is an example of AI gone wrong because it could be potentially dangerous and kill people.

Apple Co-founder Criticizes Elon Musk

Technology entrepreneur and co-founder of multinational technology giant Apple, Steve Wozniak, has criticized Elon Musk for failing to fulfill the promise to launch self-driving cars. In a recent interview with CNN, Wozniak noted that Musk first promised to introduce a self-driving car by 2016 but this hasn’t been realized yet.

Wozniak’s Upgrade for Autonomous Car

Wozniak had upgraded his model with an investment of $50,000 in anticipation of the introduction of a self-driving car but unfortunately this was not the case. Another model was touted to be able to drive autonomously by the end of 2017 but again this never came into fruition leading Wozniak to conclude that none of the promises are close to being realized.

Tesla: An Example Of AI Gone Wrong

The Apple co-founder also expressed his views on Tesla and how it is an example of AI gone wrong stating that it could potentially be dangerous and kill people if not used properly or monitored closely enough. He also expressed his concern about how such autonomous vehicles will affect human safety in general when they finally become available for sale.

Musk’s Encouragement Of Electric Vehicles

Despite his criticism towards Elon Musk’s failure to deliver on his promise for autonomous cars ,Wozniak praised him for encouraging more people to use electric vehicles instead of traditional gasoline powered ones . This shows how advancing technology can help reduce pollution levels especially from vehicle emissions .


In conclusion , autonomous vehicles still pose many risks despite their potential benefits . It is essential that these vehicles are tested thoroughly before they become available commercially so as not endanger human life when they eventually hit the roads .