Crypto Transfers Now Available on Venmo – Get Started Now!

• Venmo, a popular mobile payment platform owned by PayPal, has announced that it will enable a new feature allowing users to transfer cryptocurrencies on and off the platform starting in May 2023.
• The move is seen as part of Venmo’s continuous efforts to cater to the growing demand for crypto-based services among its user base.
• Over 74% of clients who store cryptocurrencies in their Venmo wallets have kept them on the platform for the past 12 months, highlighting the rising interest in cryptocurrencies and the need for more accessible tools and platforms to manage them.

Venmo Introduces Crypto Transfer Feature

PayPal’s mobile payment platform Venmo announced on April 28th that it will be introducing a new feature allowing users to transfer cryptocurrencies on and off the platform. This move is designed to meet the increasing demand for crypto-based services among its customers.

When Will The Feature Be Available?

The cryptocurrency transfer feature is expected to become available starting May 2023. This will give customers an additional layer of convenience when managing their digital assets.

Rising Interest In Cryptocurrencies

Venmo reported that nearly 50% of its customers with cryptocurrency balances increased their stash due to its security and ease of use since early 2023. Furthermore, over 74% of these clients have kept their cryptocurrencies in their Venmo wallets for at least 12 months; this suggests strong acceptance within the crypto community.

Advantages Of Cryptocurrency Transfers

Cryptocurrency transfers offer more options and flexibility compared with traditional methods such as cash or bank transfers. They also provide higher levels of security as well as faster transaction speeds than traditional payments systems, making them very attractive for those looking to move funds quickly and securely around the world.


The introduction of cryptocurrency transfers on Venmo is set to revolutionize how people manage their digital assets by providing more options and flexibility when conducting transactions online. With this new feature, people can now take advantage of lower fees, faster transaction speeds and greater security when transferring money across borders or buying goods online without having to worry about exchange rates or other financial limitations.