Virtual Duo Babka and Nushi Light Up GDC 2023 Red Carpet

• Virtual influencer Babka and her robotic feline companion Nushi are hosting a stage at GDC 2023 in the Moscone South lobby
• Game developers of all sizes have the chance to promote their games on stage, live stream, and social media
• Game devs can take photos with Babka and Nushi and conduct video interviews about their projects

GDC 2023 Red Carpet Hosted by Babka & Nushi

GDC 2023 is finally in full swing, and a mysterious Oscars-style red carpet and stage are piquing the interest of global game developers. Thanks to a gamer grandma and her robotic feline buddy, this year, for the first time, game-makers of all sizes will have the chance to share the limelight and promote their games on stage, live stream, and on social media.

Virtual Influencers Babka & Nushi

Located in the prime location of the Moscone South lobby at GDC 2023, the stage is hosted by virtual influencer Babka. Her fellow time-traveling companion, Nushi, the cat has taken the form of a robotic quadruped crafted by esteemed Hollywood creature artist Salvatore Salamone. Their mission is to show the power of interactive technology and how games can transcend beyond screens.

Opportunities For Game Developers

Game developers who walk down this red carpet will get the chance to take a photo with Babka and Nushi as well as conduct video interviews about their projects which will be streamed on Twitch as well as promoted across various social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. Streams an footage will be shared under #GDC2023.

Event Duration

Babka and Nushi’s event will run until Friday 24th March 2023.


Hashtag Promotion


Developers are encouraged to use #GDC2023 for all promotional activities related to their projects.